frequently asked questions

Q: Great, I choose you! How does the process work?

A: Yay! There are several steps involved in placing your order.


After we establish your order details, you will receive an estimate/e-agreement via email. You must accept this e-agreement to be considered "booked".


*Please note, your spot on my calendar is not guaranteed if you do not complete this step.*


Once the e-agreement is signed, you either a) have your materials shipped directly to me, or b) arrange with me to drop off your materials at my home studio. Sometimes, schedule allowing, we can arrange to meet up in person!


Please include 10-20% extra envelopes for margin of error.


You will also send me your list of names & addresses. PLEASE double-check these! I am not responsible for misspelled names or addresses, as I will do them exactly how you send them. If a state or ZIP code is misspelled or missing altogether, I can generally use USPS to fill those in.

I generally prefer lists in a digital format - Google Sheets or Excel.

The "clock" does not begin until I have all materials in hand, including any digital address/name lists. Envelopes typically take 1 week per 100 envelopes, and custom orders will vary by size, quantity, etc.


Once  your order is completed, I will send your final invoice digitally.  This can be paid online with credit card or Paypal. I can also accept Venmo! If we are meeting in person, I can also accept check or cash. 


Typically, I can either a) ship your items back to you or b) arrange for pickup.

Q: Sounds like a lot of work! How long will it take for you to complete my order?

A: While it takes approximately 1 week per 100 envelopes, please submit materials 2 weeks prior to your desired completion date.