5 Reasons Why Every Bride Needs Calligraphy

Well, hello! Welcome to my first blog post! As you will indubitably find, I tend to get straight to the point. Why waste time with superfluous vocabulary and beating around the bush, when ain't nobody got time for that? Especially if you're a bride-to-be... you've got a wedding to plan!

So not too long ago, I was planning my own wedding and quickly realizing there was a bit of a "hierarchy" of wedding vendors - or in other words, there were definitely some that you booked ASAP and some that could probably wait just a smidgen longer. For many brides, calligraphy falls in the latter category... I'm here to convince you otherwise.

Now, I'm not saying you need to book a calligrapher before you secure a venue, planner, or caterer. But I am saying that stationery should be something that is taken into consideration throughout your wedding planning process, not just haphazardly chosen during your lunch break while you scroll through 72 pages of options on a big-box website.

wedding stationery calligraphy envelope
Name that show...

Without further ado... here's 5 reasons why every bride needs to consider calligraphy during their planning process:

1. Let your wedding details be a reflection of you, your groom, and your relationship. Seriously, you. do. you. It may not feel like people notice these little things, but subconsciously - they do. All of the small details will add up to create the full experience of your wedding. If your vibe is chic boho, and you want an invitation suite full of greenery and floral detail - do it! How many times in your life will you get to pick out a full set of complementary details that will immediately tell your guests what type of experience they are in for? (Really, hopefully only once.) Which brings me to my next point...

2. The stationery is your guest's first impression of your wedding. Your save-the-date and your invitation will be the first part of your big day that they will experience! Not only that, but it is a tangible experience - you can feel it, see it, sometimes even smell it? Okay, IDK about that last one, but no matter how digital our generation becomes, that invitation is still likely going on the fridge or sitting on their kitchen counter. When my husband and I were engaged, we'd go to my husband's friend's homes and I was always slightly shocked to see our save-the-date posted on the fridge. All of that to say, don't skimp on quality or design here - give your guests the feeling that they are being invited to something incredible and personal.

wedding envelope stationery watercolor calligraphy
One of my first envelope clients, and still one of my favorites. That watercolor detail... can you imagine pulling that out of your mailbox?

3. Calligraphy will make your wedding cohesive. I have a friend who is much more branding-savvy than I am, and she actually "branded" her wedding - used the same "logo" of their initials together and the same fonts throughout their materials. Why don't more brides do this?! The reality is, most don't have the time or money. This small touch can have a big impact, and it doesn't have to be expensive! With the help of your wedding vendors, common themes can be woven throughout your entire day - from the presentation of your table settings, to the florals, to the menu. Using a calligrapher to create your save-the-dates, your invitation, your envelopes, your signage, and other printed materials will contribute to a cohesive, consistent vibe throughout the entire wedding.

4. No mail merges, labels, etc. This reason is pretty straightforward. Most brides don't want to hand-write their envelopes, and while mail-merging is a skill commonly used in the workplace... who wants to do that for their wedding? For the same amount of time you will probably spend battling a finicky printer, you could select a calligrapher to handle your envelopes for you. Yes, it costs money, but for a busy bride-to-be... your time is as valuable of a resource as your cash!

5. Calligraphy adds that special touch. Type "wedding calligraphy" into Pinterest and there are thousands of unique, beautiful ideas. These special touches will not only make your wedding feel personal and special to your guests, but they will live forever in your photos and memories. Have your photographer take a detail shot of your invitation and calligraphed envelope. Have her/him take a photo of the personalized hangers you got for each of your bridesmaids, to hold the dresses you guys chose together from David's Bridal, after a particularly boozy brunch, when you kept getting distracted by that sparkling ring on your left hand.... see what I mean? Those special details matter!

I hope I've convinced you why calligraphy has been - and will continue to be - relevant in the wedding industry. You'll notice I didn't say it's "for the 'gram" or anything like that. Really, calligraphy is just a small piece in the bigger picture of your wedding day - but it's a small piece with a big impact. -bgi


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