Who is The TriStar Scribe?

Hi everyone! I wanted to keep the blog train rollin' by telling you a little bit more about ME. One of the many reasons I love wedding calligraphy is because as an introvert, it usually doesn't require me to be on-site, day-of. The downside of that is sometimes feeling like a wedding vendor "outsider". So whether you are a past client, you're currently thinking about hiring me, or you're a friendor (friend/vendor!) - here is a little insight into WHO I am :) (Cover photo by Heather Hensley Photography)

the tristar scribe logo calligraphy tennessee

What the name means...

When I first started dreaming about pursuing calligraphy as real side hustle, I struggled with choosing a name. I was engaged to my now-husband, so I didn't want to use my maiden name knowing it was about to change; I also felt like it was bad luck to start using my married name before the wedding! I knew that I wanted to use the word "scribe" because the essence was being someone who writes: writes pretty things, writes heartfelt words, writes on just about any surface that can be written upon. At the time, my husband and I both worked for the State of Tennessee, and we are both graduates of UT, so using the symbol of the tri-star from our state flag felt appropriate! Even though I could have chosen something more flowery and wedding-suited, I knew that the tri-star stood for the area I love, our home, and the region I wanted to serve: beautiful East Tennessee.

How I got started...

I get asked this question often! I am truly self-taught. I have always been a detail-oriented, analytical person, and my handwritten notes throughout high school and college often resembled an early version of the current bullet journal phenomenon. I was a Resident Assistant in college (long live No Limit Clement!) and my door decorations were a source of pride and joy: aiming to write each name perfectly. Flash forward several years to my sister's wedding shower, and my mom asked me to do some handlettered signs... and I used one of the leftover canvases to do a Tennessee-themed piece (sorry Mom)... and started looking at Instagram inspiration... and purchased some workbooks from the Happy Ever Crafter to learn basic strokes and letters... and here we are!

About me as a person...

As I've mentioned previously, calligraphy is my side hustle. During the day, I work as a database manager for a private school, managing the donor database that houses our fundraising data. I wasn't exaggerating when I said I am a detail-oriented, analytical person! It's very much about right-brain/left-brain balance, I guess. As passionate as I am about calligraphy, I am probably even more passionate about the importance of timely, accurate, and relevant fundraising data. I've worked in nonprofit for 5+ years and love it. My degree is actually in Accounting, but my minor in Information Management has served me well. I'm married to my amazing husband Chris, who probably deserves an entire blog post about how incredibly patient, kind, and supportive he is. Ask me about "our story" sometime :) We have an adorable shepherd mix named Peyton (you'll see him often on my Instagram stories!) and our newly rescued kitten, Piper (yes, I love alliteration).

The hubby, mutt, and me.

10 Fun Facts...

1. I was born in Washington State.

2. I have a phobia of escalators.

3. My dad was in the Navy, and due to his career afterwards....

4. Before graduating high school, I attended 10 different schools in 5 different states.

5. Dream vacation = Santorini.

6. Starbucks order = either skinny mocha or cold brew.

7. I have run in 1 full marathon and 5 half marathons.

8. I'm a Seattle Seahawks fan!

9. I'm also an assistant softball coach at the school I work at!

10. I live for margs & queso.

Some of my favorite people, at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Thanks for reading more about the lady behind the ink & pen <3


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