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BRITTANY IVEY, owner & calligrapher

Brittany's vision is to incorporate a modern spin on the traditional art of calligraphy

to create remarkable, keepsake pieces that make your loved ones stop in their tracks.


Brittany is a multi-talented calligrapher, with experience incorporating beautiful handwritten calligraphy into a variety of projects. From oversized seating charts, to custom invitations, to delicate place cards, each one-of-a-kind piece features her own hand-lettered script.

Her calligraphy journey began in 2015, when she picked up a paint pen and experimented with different letterforms. Fast forward several years and she has since trained with some of the best calligraphers in the nation. Brittany has completed over 200 unique projects and is an active member of her local calligraphy guild and the national calligraphy association.​

When she's not putting ink to paper, Brittany can be found running, doing hot yoga, or hanging out in a nap dress with her husband and pets at their home in one of Knoxville's historic neighborhoods.

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